Follow These Tips to Easily Refinish Wood Floors

We have some good news for you. Now you can renew a wood floor in half the time and at half the expense. Has your wooden floor lost its luster? Then it’s probably time to refinish it. Usually, wood floors are protected by a clear coating that eventually gets scratched and dull. As long as the damage is shallow, you can refinish the floor by adding a new coat of polyurethane over the old finish.

Make use of sanding screens

Thoroughly clean the floor and check for any deep scratches. Then, roughen the existing finish with sanding screens so that the new finish can adhere easily.

Recoat the floor

Besides sanding, you can also go for recoating. Where recoating is time as well as cost-effective, it is less messy than sanding. Sanding a floor to bare wood can be a great option, but laminated floors have a thin layer of wood veneer over a plywood-like base that will be exposed after sanding once or twice. Recoating works best on laminated and solid wood.

Take these steps to easily refinish your floors –

  • Check for adhesion

Choose two test areas on the floor. Clean each area with wood floor cleaner and roughen it with a sanding screen. After that, just wipe away the residue and add a new coat of polyurethane. After 24 hours, make sure that it is smooth, with the possible exception of some tiny whiskers caused by dust particles. Once you have ensured that the polyurethane is smooth, you can recoat the floor.

  • Look for the required materials

Recoating can be done at about half the cost of sanding and refinishing. Just make a list of what you will need during recoating. You will also need a finish applicator pad that is designed to apply the floor finishes.

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