How to get the most out of the House At Work referral system

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Referrals from past clients make more of an impact on the success of your business then any other form of marketing.  Unlike pay-per-lead sites, referrals from past clients are free, loyal to you, and less likely to waste your valuable time.  In order to get the most out of your House At Work referral system, we have provided below eight tried and true methods for getting as many referrals as possible when using House At Work:

  1. Offer a gift

After getting a great review and/or a referral from a past clients it is always nice to send them a gift, the more personalized the better.  The gift doesn’t have to be monetary in nature either.  Actually, monetary gifts are not as positively viewed by many people as non-monetary gifts.  This is a point where you can really shine, especially if you have really gotten to know your past customer.  Another way to do this is if one of their friends become a client you give them a gift.

  1. Give them (and the person they refer) a discount

Offering a discount not only to your current customer, but also any of their referrals, is a great incentive to get additional referrals.  Your past customers will like being able to offer a friend an exclusive discount, who doesn’t like giving a gift to a friend!  They will also like that they received a discount as well.  Offering discounts is often a effective way of getting initial clients when you are getting started or expanding your customer base.

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  1. Talk to them ahead of time

Before you send one of your satisfied clients a referral request through House At Work, be sure you let them know to check their email for it.  Many of your clients will regularly check their email, but some do not.  Informing them, either with a phone call, text, or simply talking to them face-to-face about it will increase the likelihood that they will follow through with the referral request.

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  1. Give fantastic service

Your clients will only want to refer their friends only if you give exceptional service.  No matter how much you put into your referral programs or sales, if you do not have satisfied customers they are not going to recommend your services to their friends.  So do what you do best!  Go above and beyond your client’s expectations, be responsive and respectful to their requests, and make a personal connection with them.

  1. Ask for a review on House At Work

Requesting a review of your services through House At Work not only helps build your reputation, but it also helps you receive additional referrals.  So how does that work?  When a past client finishes posting a review of you on House At Work they will be asked if they would refer your services to their friends.  If they say yes, they will be asked what social media platform they would like to refer friends from.  Since your past client has already been primed with writing a review for you they are more likely to take the next step: give you a referral.

  1. Be Consistent

If you do not always ask for a referral, chances are you will not always get one.  Some of your customers will say they will give you referrals and not follow through while others will tell the whole world how awesome you are.  In other words, to succeed in referral marketing you need to do it consistently and often.  Only asking one or two past clients for a referral may not be enough to actually get one, you need to ask all of your past satisfied customers.  Some of your past clients will have more friends to refer then others, some of them may be more extroverted then others, so the impact of their referral on your business is going to very from customer to customer.  Like anything worthwhile, building a referral base will take some time, so be patient.

  1. Give discounted or free services to “influencers” in exchange for a endorsement

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, some of your past clients are going to have larger social circles then others.  Some people, who we will call influencers, have extremely large followings and/or social circles.  Some examples of an influencer can be a local celebrity, a local radio station host, or community figure.  If you give one of these influencers exceptional service, they are very likely to recommend to their followers and/or fans your service as well.  Some of your clients may not be quite be influencers, but may still have a very large following on social media and a similar approach should be given to them.

  1. Engage with New Customers

Customers are not only going to judge you by the quality of your craftsmanship, but also how you made them feel.  Making an honest and sincere effort to get to know your customer and establish a positive relationship with them is going to greatly increase the chances of you getting referrals from them.

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