10 IKEA Hacks to Turn That wasted Space into A Dream Walk-In Closet

By James Cummings

Are you currently dissatisfied with how much space your walk-in closet provides? Well, maybe the fault is not in the walk-in closet. It could be you’re the one not making best use of every inch of space available in your closet. Fortunately for you, there are inexpensive yet highly effective ways you can tweak your walk in closet to maximize its storage space as well as accessibility to everything stored within. And these effective strategies are all thanks to IKEA.

For years, IKEA has been providing customers with stylish yet affordable furniture for homes and offices. While some of IKEA’s products at a glance might appear bland, some people have shown that with just a bit of imagination and creativity, a simple IKEA product can be transformed into something magnificent and very valuable.

Below are some ways you can transform simple IKEA products into stylish and multi-functional components of your walk in closet;

  1. Modular “built-in”



IKEA Hackers show us you can create more functional space and storage slots in your walk in closet by simply adding in and stacking simple bookcases along the walls of your walk in closet. The slots in these bookcases can be used to store anything from tops to jeans; sweaters to even shoes. This will help you maximise space as well as organize your storage effectively.

You can arrange your clothing in various slots according to function, color, or any other classification you prefer. You can also further maximize the space provided by adding a hanging rod for more functionality. And if you want to add a bit of style to the arrangement, simply put some fresh paint on the white IKEA bookcases to make them unique.

  2.  Accessories island



Instead of storing your jewellery, scarves, belts, and accessories in plastic buckets, or simply littering your bedroom with them, you can tweak your walk-in closet with this delightful hack from blogger XO, Jordan.

By simply adding IKEA furniture legs to simple shelving cubes from IKEA, you can create stylish storage units for all your accessories. Not only does this hack make for great storage, it’s also classy as it showcases your stored accessories in an attractive manner. To make the accessories island really stand out, you can top it off with a slab with a complementary design for added effect.

  3.  Make the best of a RAST



The IKEA RAST dresser might seem simple and inadequate at a glance for your walk-in closet, but when you add two bookshelves from IKEA to it, you can turn the end wall of your closet into a simple yet attractive storage and display unit. By combining the RAST with the bookshelves, you maximize storage space on an entire wall of your closet and also get a perfect clothing organizer.

  4.  Don’t waste a good rail



IKEA’s Grundtal rail can be utilized in your closet to create comfortable space for hanging up more clothing. You can also utilize it to hang up your shoes and clear up floor space. With this arrangement, your walk-in closet will always feel like you’re stepping into a boutique. And if you want more space for more shoes, especially your heels, you can install a Bygel rail as seen here by Stylizmo.

  5.  Making the most of shelf brackets



Skip the shelf themselves and just install the brackets. IKEA shelf brackets, when strategically installed, can provide you convenient hanging space for a variety of items. Asides from clothing, you can also hang up several accessories on the shelf bracket with the help of Grundtal hooks as seen on Livet Hemma.

  6.  Grundtal rails for your door



If you’ve run out of wall space in your walk in closet, you can still make use of the space on the back of your closet’s door with the help of a Grundtal rail. This can be used to hold lightweight items like scarves and belts to avoid placing too much strain on the closet door.

  7.  Grundtal hooks to the rescue



If you aren’t a big fan of folding or simply don’t have the patience for it, the Grundtal hook takes up hardly any space and lets you hang items with ease. You can install the hooks on a rail where you’ll have more room and use it to hang up your jeans or other pants. No more folding, and yet neat storage.

  8.  Floating wardrobe



If you’ve got space in your closet that you feel can achieve much more, an IKEA Billy bookcase can help with that. All you need to do is outfit a Billy bookcase or as many as you’ve got room for with a rod and hooks. The adjustable slide-in shelves will make it possible to modify the shelf to meet your changing needs, and thanks to the mobility of the shelf, you can wheel it to anywhere within and outside your closet with ease.  The Billy bookcases will provide you a custom closet shelving look that’ll cost you far less than having to call a contractor but provide you all the benefits of storage and organization.

9.  Don’t waste the top



If there’s room above your wardrobes and cupboards that’s just wasting away, you can turn things around by adding LACK shelves for an extra layer of shelving in the upper parts of your closet. The row of cubbies this hack will provide is great for everything from folded clothes to shoes, or “secret boxes” as seen here from Lil Lamb Lost.

 10.  A vanity dresser



And to top it all, once you’ve arranged your closet courtesy of IKEA and made the most of your space, you can put in a little something for yourself where you can sit in front of a mirror and prim yourself. With this little upgrade from IKEA Hackers, you can enjoy a Malm dressing table for just such a purpose. All you need to put it together is adding a caddy for hair tools, a mirror, and a chair.

On a final note

Rather than manage your walk in closet as it currently is, or search for a load of cash to get it remodeled, use the above hacks to make the best of it and enjoy your closet space to the fullest.

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