Avoid the uncomfortable situation of considering a pipefitter as plumber

Being a plumber or a pipefitter requires a lot of skill and knowledge. They are highly-trained professionals who have spent years of training in their jobs. People often think these two job titles are the same, which isn’t true. There are some important differences between plumbers and pipefitters. Let’s have a look at the major differences that make the two jobs unique:


Piping material

Pipefitters are usually involved in more demanding jobs that require pipes made of special metals that can handle high pressure. If you need piping such as PVC, copper or galvanized steel, you should hire a plumber. Pipefitters are trained to deal with more specialized piping such as high carbon steel or stainless steel.


Work environment

Plumbers usually work privately, either for large or small companies. Pipefitters, on the other hand, are often needed in the industrial field, and thus they work with larger companies. You will find plumbers in industries that deal with HVAC, waste disposal, and potable water while pipefitters are usually found performing work on both residential and commercial appliances.



Both plumbers and pipefitters need to be able to determine the best materials and equipment required for the job. They perform inspections, and install and repair piping systems and fixtures. However, plumbers work with gas and water lines that are connected to appliances like dishwashers and bathtubs, while pipefitters work with complex piping systems such as refrigeration and hazardous gases.


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Follow These Tips to Kickstart Your Bathroom Remodel

It is a fact that bathroom remodeling should be your utmost priority, as it brings a good return on your financial investment. You will get all your remodeling expenses back when you sell your house. Even if you are not willing to sell, it is a great idea as you can enjoy a design forward bathroom. You need to take care of some things while considering the bathroom remodeling ideas –

Create a plan beforehand
You can contact a professional and make a plan to get assured about the design and budget. A designer can definitely help out in saving your money as well as money.

Use the existing piping
The best way to save money while considering the bathroom remodeling is by using the existing piping. After all, relocating the utilities like the bathtub is a great deal.

Know about the exact cost of remodeling
Prior to starting with the project, it is important to know how much it will cost you as you can then determine how much money you can invest. The best place to start with bathroom remodeling is budget. By knowing the budget, you can easily set the boundaries of your design. You can then easily decide on what items you can replace.

Do not move your plumbing
Switching your sink and toilet around seems to be quite easy, but the problem lies with the costs involved in moving the plumbing. If you spend lesser amount on moving fixtures, you will end up with enough money for new items.

Do not underestimate lighting
You should not underestimate the importance of lighting in your bathroom. It is the best way to get even lighting on your face. Thus, adding more lighting can make even a small bathroom look larger.

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