Tips for hiring a contractor

It is always advisable to hire a pro rather than doing a project by yourself, especially for larger, more complex projects. What matters most, however, is the quality of contractor you are hiring, as selecting a shady contractor will trigger delays and sometimes even cause legal problems. Here are some tips that will help you choose a professional contractor and thus ensure a good business relationship:

Ensure that the contractor is bonded and insured

A contractor’s credibility depends solely on whether or not they are licensed and have insurance. The license proves that the contractor has taken the exam and knows how to build to code and all required processes. And, if the contractor is not insured, you could be the one responsible if someone gets hurt while working on your project.

Look for a contractor that suits your project

It is best to search for contractors who has expertise in the type of project you need completed. After all, you need a contractor who knows exactly what is required to complete a project. They should have the skills to address potential problems and perform work to your standards.

Create a detailed contract prior to starting any work

A contract is required to cover costs, and should include a complete set of drawings with written specifications.  It should also have a time table for when the work should be complete.

Give proper instructions prior to working

If you want your project to be completed by a specific date, talk to your contractor prior to hiring him. It then depends upon the contractor whether he wants to accept the job or not.  Go into as much detail as possible before work is started so you can avoid problems later on.

Have a look at their past  work

Consider the contractor’s past  work, which will also give you ideas for your own project. Samples are even more crucial than references and will let you check the quality of their work. Browse through their various designs to boost your own creativity.

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Tips for choosing your exterior paint

It can be very difficult to determine which color will suit best for the exterior of your home. It’s a fact that exterior hues can affect the curb appeal of your house and thus making it very crucial. You need to take care of landscaping, hardscaping, and roofing to make your exterior more attractive. Here are a few tips that may help:

Go for historically accurate color scheme  

If you are thinking of painting your home, you should definitely go for a historically accurate color scheme. So what does that mean?  If able, try to use a color that your house has been in the past.  To help you with this, you can also contact a professional to analyze the old paint chips and then recreate the original color.

Should complement the roof color

Check what type of material your roof is made of.  Is it asphalt, shingle, metal, terracotta, slate or clay?  All these roofing colors have their own textures and considerations. It is not necessary that your exterior siding paint color matches the roof, rather it should harmonize with it.

 What is not going to be painted

Sometimes you cannot paint the exterior especially when your home is brick, stone, associated with a dominant chimney, vinyl windows, natural wooden door.  Take the color of these into consideration when selecting a paint color.

Accents and architecture

Look for an accent color that contrasts with the background. Acknowledge the architectural details of your house. Check for any brackets, imposts, swirls and dentil molding. You can also check for any missing architectural details that should be replaced before you start painting. You can also color your siding by selecting accent colors for shutters, moldings, doors, brackets and porch decks. Beware that too many colors can overwhelm your house.

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Tips for Contractors to simplify the bidding process

If you are independently employed as a contractor, it is critical for you to bid for services. If your bids are too high, you probably won’t get any work and if your bids are too low, you will lose money on every job. This is why you need to have a working knowledge of market conditions:

Thoroughly check the location and conditions of the job
It is okay to decline work from a client if you don’t find the situation favorable. If the particular job requires too much commute time, difficult access or other troublesome situation such as extreme hot or cold, it is better not to accept the job.

Create a work guarantee
When homeowners begin a home improvement project, they are often worried about hiring the wrong contractor. If you include a guarantee or warranty in your bid, it will reduce the homeowner’s worries and will show that you take pride in your work.

Provide clients with testimonials
Word of mouth works wonders for homeowners who are looking for home remodeling contractors. Help convince them of your skill by displaying testimonials from past customers in your bid. This will show that you stand by your work and collaborate well with customers. This is why online review sites are quickly becoming popular when clients look for the best professionals.

Provide clients with some technical knowledge
Some clients have absolutely no technical knowledge of home improvement services. Try explaining the materials, process, and the challenges of the project to your client. It will assure him that you know your work very well.

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